Dogs make great companions and a lively addition to any household

If you’re looking for a dog for sale, chances are you’re looking for a purebred dog. You’ve probably already discovered that prices for these pets are typically quite high. Here we’ve got some tips on finding that purebred dog that will be happy in his or her – new home.

Unless you’re set on a particular breed, you’d be smart to do a little research on various breeds of dogs. You can pick up a book at the library that details factors like temperament, size, food and exercise requirements, whether that dog is likely to be a good watchdog and relative intelligence (this can make a difference in how easily that dog might be trained). There’s also a ton of information online. dog puppy

If you intend to show your dog at shows, you’ll want the AKC registered papers. This usually affects the selling price given in the dog for sale ads. Keep in mind that some breeds of pedigreed dogs can be high strung, which might be an issue if you’ve got kids, or are the nervous sort yourself.

Do you want a male or a female? Some breeds of the female persuasion tend to be more protective of their owners and are more of the stay-at-home type personality. Some males tend to run off adventuring on a regular basis. Read up on your breed of choice and find out about these behaviors.

Before you start calling on the dog for sale ads, give some thought to whether you intend your new pet to be an inside or outside dog. Some breeds, notably the setters, need one heck of a lot of exercise, so if you live in an apartment, this guy may not be a good choice. They need room to run!

When you do begin to make some calls, find out how old the puppies are. Vets often recommend leaving a pup with his Mom until he’s at least 8 weeks old, while others suggest 12 weeks as a better age. Call your vet and ask his or her advice?it may differ by breed. You’ll also want to ask if the pups have been wormed and if they’ve had any of their shots, so you know how to progress on schedule.

If you’re buying from a kennel, take note of the premises. Are they clean? Do the animals appear well-cared for and happy? If so, this is a plus. If you intend to buy from a pet store, be aware that there are both good and ‘bad’ pet stores?some cases of what are called ‘puppy mills’ have made the news. Here again, consult your vet for his opinion on any particular pet store advertising a dog for sale?word gets around in dog and vet circles, so take his advice.