Fans Are Going to Love the Latest Science Fiction Books

Why do we love science fiction books so much? Is it the look into the future they present? Is it the ability to escape into another time or world for just a few hours at a time? Whatever a person’s particular reason for loving these novels, they have and always will be among the most popular of all genre’s of books. Looking at some of the latest releases, this is not a trend that will discontinue anytime soon

Up Against It (M.J. Locke) – Space-oriented futuristic books have always flown off the shelves and Up Against It looks to lead the pack this year. Based 400 years in the future, it is an electric tail about a civilization existing deep in space. The group is faced with a disastrous explosion, which eliminates their only form of air, energy, and water. After reading of their tales, the title may be an extreme understatement.

Soft Apocalypse (Will McIntosh) – An apocalypse has been the basis of hundreds of sci-fi books, so why stop now. The latest tale is a story of how the world’s resources dry up and society as a whole has to figure out what they are going to do in order to have any type of existence on the planet. As we read on, we see the nature of humans and how they will literally tear each other apart in order to survive. The book takes us on a wonderful and exciting journey in the reorganization of society.

The Quantum Thief (Hannu Rejaaniemi) – This author only recently published his first book, but fans are already lining up for his latest installment. This sci-fi caper is fast-moving and very entertaining. Allow yourself to get lost in the world of Jean le Flambeur and you will go to places lawmakers fear. Inside this tale is the story of a thief who merely wants his freedom and is finally presented with the opportunity to have just that. If Rajaniemi’s future works are anywhere close to his first two releases, he will become one of the most popular sci-fi writers of our generation.

Heaven’s Shadow (David S. Goyer) – If the author’s name sounds familiar, it should, as he has penned Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and the Blade trilogy. The book is not due out until early July, but one cannot help but get in line for this release. The plot of the book is based upon on unknown object that is hurdling towards Earth. Sounds familiar, but we can only hope Goyer’s creative genius kicks in and takes us on a journey we have not yet lived in previous science fiction books.