Gambling in Turkey

Turkey is known throughout the world as a beautiful tourist country. Its Government was trying their best to attract more tourists. This applies to casinos that are in a special position in Turkey. Although Islam prevailed in the country, gambling was nevertheless permitted for a certain number of people. Of course, this area is strictly regulated by law. Gambling houses, once common in Turkey, are now closed to local visitors. At the same time, they are available in some large luxury hotels of tourist cities – hotels with casinos are free to visit exclusively for tourists.

The complete ban on gambling in 1997 caused resentment among the majority of the population and it was decided to leave legal lotteries, bingo, and betting establishments for sports betting, in particular on popular horse races. Both are very popular with Turkish residents, and the country, in turn, generates about $1.5 billion annually.

Online Gambling in Turkey: how things are going today

After the regulatory area of land casinos in Turkey underwent significant changes, many of the country’s gambling establishments launched activities on the Internet. However, the government has not supported online gambling. Over the past few years, hundreds of online poker and other gambling sites have been shut down. The strict treatment of operators is explained by the fact that online gambling laws and religious beliefs in the country are in sharp contradiction. In addition, there were also non-payment of taxes to the national budget, which was an additional reason for the ban.

It should be noted that operators who have broken gambling laws in Turkey are expected to pay fines in sizable amounts ranging from 100,000 to 500,000 liras. This is the state of things in Turkey. And yet in our online catalogue of Turkish online-gambling websites there are legal sites of online casinos in Turkey – However, regardless of many taboos, passionate fans of online gaming in Turkey find different ways to circumvent them by playing in mobile versions of gambling.

Online Casino in Turkey

Fans of board games and video slots register on virtual game resources and enjoy leisure in the casino at their own risk. Surprisingly, there are many sites on the Internet adapted to Turkish audiences: the pages have been translated into the appropriate language and it is not difficult to pay for the services in local currency – liras. Casino-Slots-Top will help Choosing an online casino suitable for Turkish residents, which contains information about the bonuses available to citizens and the games offered, including in Lyve, where the broadcasts are in Turkish.

There is a huge demand in Turkey for safe and secure online casino platforms due to cybersecurity issues. The Turkish banking system is technically so advanced that it allows Turkish clients to use their credit cards for online purchases and money transfers. 3D Security systems operate in harmony with online casino platforms in Turkey.

Turkey is a fully democratic country governed by a presidential democracy. We are glad to share this promo code with you, so you can test your luck with some free spins: