Top Baby Names In 2010 2010 and Baby Name Ideas

You have finally received that baby you have been looking forward to. Your child has beautiful eyes, a smile which makes your heart melt, and the tiniest toes you have ever seen. What should the name be? People often name their children after members of these family and it is just a wonderful way to carry on the household name. Another consideration when naming a child is whether or not the name will “have a nice ring to it.” The name does need to flow well as the baby will have to live with this name for their entire life. However, there exists a recent trend in naming newborns unique names than previously.
The top baby names tend to be derived from trends in the media, whether it is movies, TV shows, music, as well as politics. According to, the most common baby names for 2009 were Aiden for a boy and Ella for a woman. Believe it or not, a close runner up for top level girl names was Leighton, as a result of increasing popularity of shows like Gossip Girl. Max was a standard choice for boy names very possibly because of the release of the movie Where in fact the Wild Things Are. Even the name Barack made the most notable 50 list of the most frequent names for the last 24 months! Versions of the Obama daughters’ names, Malia and Sasha, have quickly become two of the best ranking names for newborn girls, creating an opportunity for Presidential Themed Cute Baby Shower Favors. The polls show that boy names tend to be consistent over time, while girl names will be subject to the creativity and inventiveness of young parents.
Baby Names for Girls
Popular culture always plays a significant role in baby-naming trends, and power house movie franchises like Harry Potter and Twilight are definitely influencing the options of new parents across the country. If however you be planning for a shower for an pregnant woman who is naming her baby ‘Harry’ or ‘Edward’ or the ever popular ‘Jacob’ as a result of seeing one of these bigger than life movies, there is absolutely no shortage of toys, figurines, and accessories that you can buy that would make really Cute BABY SHOWER CELEBRATION Favors.
Whether you decide to carry on tradition and name your baby after his great grandfather, or begin from scratch and constitute a name which has never been seen before, give it plenty of thought and make certain the name is right. After all, your child will have that name for a lifetime!

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